Vote NO!

MGM decided to put a poll up on their site, asking whether your excited or not about Stargate Universe.

Are you excited about “Stargate Universe”?

  1. No. – 85%  
  2. YES! – 13%  
  3. What’s Stargate Universe? – 2%

Obviously no one’s excited to have their favorite show axed and then replaced by a dumbed down Stargate Voyager. So go out there and give ’em hell, vote NO!


5 Responses

  1. vote no

  2. That is utter garbage. Stargate Atlantis has such potential, and I am already tired of watching these ‘movies’ that are just a episode of Stargate and a bit. There is no looking forward to the next episode after a movie. =/

  3. I totally agree! The movies are just really long episodes. Stupid MGM & Scifi!

  4. Isn’t it always the way. You get into a show and they axe it.
    In Australia there are heaps of SGA fans and all the ones i Know, including myself; really look forward to every episode.
    GOOD Sci-fi shows like Stargate are getting hard to find. First Startrek goes, then SG1 and now Atlantis.
    WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Please don’t tell me to go and vote No…..I’ll make my own mind up thanks. And I AM looking forward to SGU. Look what happened to the Trek franchise when they started bringing out generic Trek series….it got stale, fast. (until JJA rebooted it to great effect).

    The new show needs to be different, and AFAIC the last SGU trailer proved that many concerns were misplaced. It doesn’t look anyway near as dark as BSG, as many fans were worried about….and there is just enough familiarity there for comfort. Personally I see it like this – that production team has given me 300+ episodes of high quality TV…..why on god’s great earth should that stop now? Show some faith.

    Although I do agree that Atlantis was culled too early, SGU looks very high quality indeed and should be in for a very successful run. Oh, and lastly, don’t put too much stock in that poll….it is just the endemically homophobic Americans still smarting over the news that (SHOCK HORROR!) there would be a lesbian couple in the cast. I’m sure they’ll drag their bums into this century soon enough and start to enjoy the show when the high quality stories are rolling in on a weekly basis.

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