After the sucess of the first strike we’re now aiming at a second! Here’s the plan according to Save-TheLostCity:

As this coordinated campaign to Save Stargate Atlantis storms on, we at Save-TheLostCity and SOSGA believe its about time for another strike against the powers that be and we feel that now is the perfect opportunity to do this!

We would encourage you to make your voices heard by sending letters, lemons, postcards and anything you can think of which expresses your desire for a 6th season of Stargate Atlantis and your disatisfaction with its cancellation.

Send your thoughs to the following addresses;

Harry Sloan, Chairman & CEO of MGM
MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Charles Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President
MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

These are the people that matter in this campaign so we have to ensure we hit them well, and hard as it was MGM who cancelled Stargate Atlantis because of financial reasons – SciFi simply accepting this and took on board the new Stargate Series. MGM spend much less on two hours of TV – and bring in just as much if not more than they would for a TV series with 20+ hours of TV.

So we urge you to please send out your mail by the 19th September.

The 21st September (the one month anniversary of the cancellation) is on a Sunday when there is simply no mail in the US, so if letters are sent out by the 19th they should get there that following week.
If you do email, please send it on the 19th September. We are not sure if they will get through, as TPTB have applied filtering to all incoming mail because of the amount of Save Stargate Atlantis email they were recieving – but we can try.

So, Ahem. We now have this cleared out. MGM is the one we must truely aim at now. Scifi won’t do anything. That means we’re left wih only two targets: MGM & FOX.

Go here to view the contact info for FOX.



One Response

  1. Dont do this!!!!!!!!!How can you stop such a great show!You are disappointing mani fans all over the world!I cant belive this I’m so angry aaaa!!!!!II prefer to watch the show then the stupid film that I can watch only once a year!Please leave Stargate Atlantis!!!!!!!

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