Over 25000 on Petition + More Banners + SOSGA Releases Vlog Compilation!

We’ve reached over 25000 on the petition! Congrats! Let’s keep this up!


More Banners! Here’s just a sample of some of the many new banners (check out the rest and get their BBcode here):


Vlog Compilation from Sosga:

The Vlog is going to be shown at Armageddon con, has been sent to MGM and Sci-Fi and will be sent to many other places in due course. 
SoSGA would like to thank all those who have contributed their time and creative energies to make this part of the campaign a success.


11 Responses

  1. thats great news, the campaign is moving along. could u tell me about the people behind SOSGA, have they before fought for a show.

  2. @ Lydia — I have no knowledge of the backgrounds of people at SOSGA.

  3. it’s great to see that we have so many signatures!!but what are we gonna do with the petition?I guess we’re gonna send it to MGM,Sci Fi and Stargate Productions,right?so what are we waiting for to do it?!!it’s now or never!!

  4. I have copied the little widget and made postcards of that showing the number of signatures and sending them out as part of my snail campaign. The postcard would have pictures of the widgets from the petition and from Hey!Nielsen showing SGA ranking there.

  5. I sent a email to sosga and asked if I could buy sosga.net I havent received a reply

  6. Please dont post unless you have something important to say

  7. i think somebody should make a new site for a fresh campigan, we should leave sosga.net didnt like it that much.

    why dont we all send the petition ,from all over the world seprate , so they will get a lot at the same time.

  8. Geh, at this point, seeing as Sosga and Stlc have left. It’s up to us, and the livejournal. Making a new site is too much work and would cause confusion.

    It would be better if we continued to promote this site and the livejournal site. Keep in mind, you are always welcomed to use the banners I make, I encourage you to! So please use them!

  9. Email me you my email right?

  10. @ Alicia:that would be great if they(sosga) accepted!

  11. I have been buying SGA episodes at Amazon.com and on going back to view an episode I noticed that buyers can leave a review, so I left a review and in that review I mentioned that SGA has been canceled. Maybe, maybe some people who go there to buy the episodes will see the review and some will learn about SGA. Anyway, worth a shot and spreading the news about SGA. Maybe others who have bought episodes there and at iTunes could do the same.

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