Banners & avatars

Updated August 5th 2010: NEW BANNERS!

Use them to spread word or even place them in your emails to MGM, Syfy, producers/writers! (WARNING: CERTAIN IMAGES ON THIS PAGE MAY PROVE TO BE DANGEROUSLY FLASHY, POSSIBLY EPILEPTIC. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.)
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The following avatars are made by zooeyrye and more can be found at her site!

The following avatars are made by Silver galaxy and all credit should be given to her.



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  1. […] Banners & avatars […]

  2. You go Sluggie! Nice banner work.. I’m making one.

  3. hiya, i was planning on using the banner with the cast laughing, who should i give credit for it? or should i just create a link to this site?

  4. Just create a link. All banners are made by me, so I am honored. There’s no need to personally credit it me. The least we can all do, is continue to fight for Atlantis!

  5. Hello, thanks for the banners. Since I’m not able to do one of my own I use one of this with the link.

  6. OMG!! I just saw these today and they are THE BOMB!!

    Can I use some as postcards and in emails to SciFi and MGM? I’ve been using one banner and would like to use some of yours in my mailing campaign.

    I’ve printed out the H!N widget and placed ontop of another baner that I got from another fan and made 4×6 pictures to send out. It looks good (I think).

  7. Oh, I should let you know I’m eldi263 on H!N and ed263 on Save The Lost City.

  8. Please use the banners in whatever means (e.g. mail campaign, forum signature, etc.). That’s what they’re for. =]

  9. Wohoo…..thanks so much!

    hum….which one to use first……

  10. Hi,
    I wanted to use the first banner from above, but I noticed it had the wrong word. It has “We want are show back”, when it should say “We want our show back”. I wondering, if it was not too much trouble if you could make the correction?

  11. Thanks Elisa for catching that. I’m so busy, I would never have found that. I’ll fix it right away!

    Sorry for the error! It’ll be fixed ASAP!

  12. Okay, I fixed it, can you see it changed? If not you may want to clear your computer’s cache.

  13. what i can do with Banners. do i print them on paper and send them.

    ive been wondering what elso i can send something.

  14. @FightforAtlantis – I’m sorry but I do not see the correction. I did clean out my cache, but still no correction. Any suggestions? Thanks

    @Lydia – Print out the banner on a plain paper from my printer. I take that print to local store and make 4×6 picture (20 cents – picture from picture). I have 3×5 avery labels, so I print out my thoughts and plea for renewal on those and stick to the back of the picture (this also adds more support), I do the same for the address. Stick a postcard stamp (27 cents) and mail. You can also use 4×6 index cards, but i like pictures better, they look nicer.

  15. @ElisaD – I’ll see what I can do.

  16. @ElisaD – You must see it now.

  17. I still see “are” here, but when I copied the banner and then opened, that’s when i see “our” weird! Thanks FightforAtlantis!! I love this banner, it’s short and says just what I want to say to TPTB!

  18. hey, left and came back, now i see “our” – go figure!

  19. Any time!

    And don’t worry, I shall be making more banners in the future when I get more free time. Currently I’ve been working on “Save SGA” videos and writing on HeyNielsen. Maybe this weekend I will get more banners up here.

  20. Ooo, you might be confused, TelepathicPebble is FightforAtlantis. 😉

  21. I’ve seen your posts on H!N, I’m there too as eldi263.

  22. How’d you know TeaOmen was me. 😛

  23. Your profile at H!N had the link here ; )

  24. Ah, that’s right.

    Well, anyways, back to protesting. =D

  25. Hi, it’s me again and I’ve come asking for a banner *blushes*

    I was wondering is you were able to perhaps make a banner similar to “We Want our Show Back” but this time use the current cast.? If you have the time.

    eldi263 at H!N

  26. Sure! I’ll get to it. Maybe it’ll be up today or tomorrow. I do have other banners in need of uploading so don’t worry. I’ll do my best to fit it in with the rest.

  27. Oh that would be great!! Thanks so much !! i think TPTB may pay closer attention if we send banners that are updated with today’s cast instead of one made from previous years….looks more up to date.

    thanks again!!

  28. Done. But I’ll add more, I’m definitely not done. Perhaps more will come today. I want to make “So and so doesn’t like being axed” banners for other characters too, Teyla, McKay, Beckett, etc.

    I also realize the new “we want our show back” banner may not be to everybody’s liking; it sure doesn’t sit too well with my mind.

  29. I think maybe you website address on the picture should be less prominent, maybe like the other banners, and I like the pharse going across the length of the banner, like the first one you made. *embarrassed to give thoughts on your great work*

  30. @ ElisaD — Don’t be ashamed, I agree. Perhaps I should try different tools. All I’m using is photobucket (it’s free). Perhaps I should try GIMP. Well, tomorrow there will be more. Until then.

  31. i would like to make a banner, i dont know what to do them. just display them here.

  32. Lydia, I would love to see them! Have you gone over to
    Fight for SGA on LJ? You can join and then post your banners there.

  33. OMG!! The new banners are fantistic!!! Thanks so much for making new ones!!! I love the one with Sheppard with the pissed off look, that’s great! I off to make more postcards to send out MGM and SciFi !!

  34. Thanks!

    I’ll be making more and more! Let’s fight till the end!

  35. check my banner for the ad on liveJournal, my username is gatebuilder39, i wrote a journal on SGA.

  36. Hi, I’ve been working nearly a week getting opinions and posting about the Save SGA “Last Penny” mailing campaign.

    I just learned that SGA was canceled about a week ago, and am trying to get fans organized to mail packages w/ signature confirmation and postcards too.

    The idea is to tell MGM that 1) we won’t buy SG or MGM products until SGA season 6 is in production, 2) we won’t ever watch SGU and 3) we will encourage others to do so.

    To see a preview of the penny postcards go to post #677 at:

    Is it possible to submit a banner/picture — how about the penny that reads “Vivat Atlantis!”? Please let me know if this is a possibility. Thanks!

  37. I love the Penny Campaign!!

    I plan to glue a real penny to my postcard (I will have to send it in an envelope…no problem.

    I also will be send penny postcard to Brad Wright since he really didn’t want to do two shows at once and wanted to starg SGU so he gets pennied as well!!

    I don’t plan to use the pictures of the penny for my postcard since I will be gluing a real penny, I will instead use Bring Back Atlantis Season Six and Beyond.. and on the back I will write out my protest and glue the penny. How does that sound?

    I was also thinking of sending out the Penny each Monday for December, maybe it will look like more fans are protesting. I will just get the 8 postcards ready and have them all ready to send out on Mondays.

  38. @ SGAfan4life at forum:

    I can not post reply to you at the forum, SciFi won’t let me!! Anyway, I am posting updates of your Last Penny Campaign at

    Go over, join LJ and join the community, it’s free!

  39. Wow — I’ve posted so many places, I’m starting to lose track! 🙂 I found this through live journal, and saw my screen name, w/ a guess that the above post (name “C”) is me — it is. 🙂

    I’m not sure we have enough people to send out yet, so hold on to those postcards! We need hit them hard — and I mean thousands — if the petition board can get 28,000 and counting, we of the” last penny” better be similarly impressive. I’m going to try to set up something on live journal — I’ll let you know when I do (tomorrow hopefully!)

  40. Oh wow! As usual you’ve done an awesome job on these new banners!

    Request….could you please consider doing some with a Christmas theme? ‘Tis the season and all that!

    wish i had talent 😦

  41. Thank you. I’ll try to make a Holiday theme, but I hold no promises. I’m really not the best artist. =|

  42. FightforAtlantis,
    have you gone over th photobucket. SGAfan4life has a group album for the Penny Campaign. Go over and take a look around.


  43. That’s really cool Elisa! That must’ve taken awhile! =]

    Sweet, I counted roughly how many banners I made: 40! =0

  44. i would make tons of banners if i could figure out how.

  45. @iheartdukeandhorses That’s okay, I think I’ve made plenty to make up for that 😛

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