Contact TNT

TNT is a very casual channel, they have large variety of shows (e.g. Angel, Charmed, X-Files, Saving Grace, etc.). So Stargate Atlantis would have no problem moving to TNT. We must contact TNT as much as we can. Please, the more we contact them, the better the chances will be!

1010 Techwood Dr. NW
Atlanta GA 30318
Viewer Comment and Question Line is 404-885-4538.
And contact us page here:…sp?deptID=5477


Recently MGM decided to cancel Stargate Atlantis. But I and other fans do not agree them. We want our show to continue for a six season and beyond. Please, we would be very gracious if you decided to let Atlantis move to TNT instead of staying on its current channel: SyFy.
Please, let Stargate Atlantis move to your channel, TNT.
-[my name]

Remember, emails can be filtered, but phone calls and letters cannot. Such email efforts with SyFy & MGM have been futile.


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  1. Just an FYI, but I think that instead of “gracious” it should be “grateful”. They are very similar words and come from the same root word, but the meaning is a little bit different. I think we want to say that we would be very appreciative (grateful) if they picked up SGA rather than we would be kind (gracious) if they picked it up.

    Wow, too many days spend grading papers for me!

    Good luck! I certainly hope the campaign succeeds. When SG-1 went off the air, at least SGA kept the adventure alive.

    🙂 Angela

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