SGU Actor Struggles with Bad Reviews & NEW Banners/Avatars!

Stargate Universe’s co-star Brian J. Smith who plays Lt. Matthew Scott (a gross looking, military, sex addict) confesses that the majority of Stargate fans are fed up with the new show. Smith claims that the fans aren’t open-minded enough if they don’t like it, and that they need to take time to ‘transition’. What a load of crap. Honestly, this guy needs to wake up from the little fantasy world he’s living in; SGU has no depth, its slow, its boring, and the cast is absolutely annoying!

There’s a sense of ownership from a lot of fans that’s amazing and rare, but it’s also dangerous” says Smith.

Damn right we’re dangerous! I’ve protested SGA’s cancellation and boycotted SGU since 2008! To listen to more of Smith’s delusional opinions visit GateWorld’s article.

Some more cheerful news: lots of new banners and avatars have been added! This is just a preview, want to check out more?


Atlantis, Sky1’s Highest Rated Show in the UK

Sky1 is the UK equivalent to America’s Scifi Channel just so you know. This information was found here.

Sky1’s highest rated show was Stargate Atlantis, which had 354,000 (1.8%) in the 8pm hour, 

Why should MGM decide to cancel Atlantis merely based on profit? Yes, if they merely looked at American ratings they wouldn’t be terribly impressed. But if they took the time to know Atlantis’ viewers, they would know most of them are European. Stargate Atlantis has many many viewers there, and they should count just as much as American viewers.