YOU Won’t Believe This! *GASP!*

Stargate Universe is copying so many characters from Atlantis, that they might as well rename it “Stargate Atlantis Redux”! SEE FOR YOUR SELF:

The casting audition sides for Stargate Universe characters are starting to emerge. These audition sides are not in context of the pilot of the new television series, which won’t start production until February 2009, but are apparently meant to determine character types and the actors’ ranges.

The three sides available thus far are for Tamara Johanson, Eli Hitchcock, and Jared Nash. Each actor will be reading from previous Stargate scripts, which have been somewhat modified for the auditions.

In the case of Tamara, the actor will be reading the part of Jennifer Keller from the Atlantis episodes “First Strike” and “Missing”. Like Keller, Tamara will be thrown into a medical leadership position before she is ready, but will also be required to show compassion and understanding. She will show the insecurity that Keller did in her conversation with Elizabeth Weir about taking over for the late Dr. Carson Beckett from “First Strike” and her distaste for local cuisine like Keller did in “Missing”. That time was also when Keller learned of Teyla’s romantic involvement with Kanaan.

Eli’s audition sides are Rodney McKay’s part from the SG-1 episode “Redemption” concerning Anubis’s attack on Earth through the Stargate. He converses with Carter about how to knock out the technology Anubis was using to bombard the Stargate. The actor will most likely face the same level of technobabble that David Hewlett faced in portraying a math and science genius, as well as demonstrate a rather acerbic, sarcastic attitude. The audition also includes McKay’s conversation with Carter in the infirmary about wanting to be a pianist to show a more affable side to the character.

The actor reading for Jared Nash’s role will audition from John Sheppard’s rescue-our-people balcony conversation with Elizabeth Weir from the Atlantis pilot “Rising”. Like Sheppard, Nash will be thrown into a military position of leadership. It isn’t clear, though, that Nash’s commander, Col. Everett Young, will face the same fate as Sheppard’s commanding officer, Col. Marshall Sumner. Additionally, Nash’s actor will have to read from Daniel’s part in the SG-1 series finale “Unending” where Daniel confronts Vala about her constant sexual solicitations and breaks down his wall of emotional self-protection.

All three characters are in the age range 20 to 25.

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People! We have a new plan:

FOX is the broadcasting company that distributes Stargate Atlantis’ dvds. If we start flooding them with emails they won’t have filters against us like MGM and Scifi. This means we have a real advantage. Once FOX starts complaining, Scifi And MGM will have to listen to our angry screams.

All their contact info is located on our new page: the “Contact FOX” page.

First Strike

Word has come from of a battle plan against Scifi and MGM. This plan is called First Strike, and will take place on Monday. So send your letters in today before hand.

Following the recent evidence to suggest that First Strike mass emails may be futile due to filters being put in place on servers, it has now become a mass snail mail strike.

Mass mailing of letters shows both effort and passion for the show, and just imagine receiving bags of mail full of letters screaming in protest.
At least they will be there to be seen, and not automatically deleted as soon as they arrive as emails will be.

So post out your letters to the following addresses and have your voice heard!!

Mr. Charles Cohen
Executive Vice President
MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Mr. Mark Stern
Executive VP Original Programming
NBC Universal | Sci Fi Channel
100 Universal City Plaza
Bld. 1440, 14th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608

More contact info for MGM and Scifi Channel can be found here. If you’d like to also contact the press, go here. And remember, our new goal is to flood MGM and Scifi Channel with letters. Emails are more likely to fail, because they can easily be blocked and such.