Decay of Stargate, Blood & Chrome, some more Syfy HATE, and yeah I’m MAD!

With the Stargate movies shelved indefinitely it seems we will not see any more Stargate for some generations…Sadly no fourth Stargate series. But I don’t think that means the end, it’ll probably be rebooted maybe in a decade or two. Does that mean I’m going to stop protesting? NO! The Syfy channel and MGM will continue to face repercussions for their poor executive decisions in the canceling of Stargate Atlantis and their non-support of the SG1 & SGA movies.

A while ago Syfy made another HUGE mistake. Despite much fan resistance they cancelled the Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica. Tsk, tsk, tsk. What a horrible decision. Does the Syfy channel even have any science fiction shows left on there channel besides reruns? Seems like all they air on Syfy these days are crappy monster movies and smackdown wrestling. Um. Seriously? Join the Save Caprica facebook page for more on this matter.

Now I hear they’re making another BSG prequel, Blood and Chrome? Pathetic. They can’t just ax these shows replace them like that. Frankly I myself will be boycotting the new show, why not? I’ve already been boycotting the Syfy channel since its worst decision ever in 2008 August 20, the cancellation of Stargate Atlantis.

The Syfy channel really needs to be taken down. I think its way too late in the game for it to be reformed. Especially since its rebranding from Scifi to Syfy also in 2008. Its almost like they purposely put non-science fiction shows and crappy movies on their channel…I don’t understand it. If they keep going in this destructive direction they are going to face consequences. I’ve already had my heart broken three times by their poor executive decisions:

1. the cancellation of Atlantis.

2. The permanent shelving of the Stargate movies

3. The cancellation of Caprica

Any much more of these horrendous decisions and Syfy will face much more than a simple multi-fandom uprising.

What do you think? How much longer do you think Syfy can keep this up? Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. IDK about you guys but don’t the Syfy executives look a little EVIL to you?



SyFy, MGM, and Brad Wright have freaken betrayed the SGA fandom. How dare they cancel our show, and replace it with a piece of crap like SGU. This is utterly disturbing. Absolutely troubling! Within these current weeks, I’ll make sure to bring hell to TPTB. I’ll be sending letters, emails, and all the freaken citrus fruits I can find. I WANT MY SHOW BACK.

Now after all this, I’m hearing that they’ve axed the Atlantis movie?!  See here for the depressing news. Also, the Atlantis props being sold off to the highest bidder, so that’s a basically a confirmation that there will be no movie. All the while this is coupled with the fact that they’ve arrogantly blocked all attempts at emailing them, by blacklisting all SGA-cancellation related matters, and have continually changed their email addresses. Just see here to read about SyFy executive Dave Howe bragging about blocking all our email attempts. What a damn liar!!

Currently the petition is over 37,000 signatures (at least that’s good).

Okay SGA fans, want to give them hell? See here for MGM/SyFy’s contact information.

Atlantis in Despair/New banners

I know that the fight is drawing to end. It is unwise to think this battle will last forever. But still, let us hope, let us prolong, in this war. MGM, Scifi, and the producers have made a grave mistake. Let us hope they see the errors in their ways. We shall not give up merely because we are tired, nor shall we draw near to failure. It will be us that have the last laugh.



Here’s just a few, go to here to see more and get their BBcode!

Over 25000 on Petition + More Banners + SOSGA Releases Vlog Compilation!

We’ve reached over 25000 on the petition! Congrats! Let’s keep this up!


More Banners! Here’s just a sample of some of the many new banners (check out the rest and get their BBcode here):


Vlog Compilation from Sosga:

The Vlog is going to be shown at Armageddon con, has been sent to MGM and Sci-Fi and will be sent to many other places in due course. 
SoSGA would like to thank all those who have contributed their time and creative energies to make this part of the campaign a success.

THE FIRST WAVE~Lemons Galore!

SUCCESS! The StLC has just sent the first batch of lemons to targets at MGM, for more information check it out!

Atlantis, Sky1’s Highest Rated Show in the UK

Sky1 is the UK equivalent to America’s Scifi Channel just so you know. This information was found here.

Sky1’s highest rated show was Stargate Atlantis, which had 354,000 (1.8%) in the 8pm hour, 

Why should MGM decide to cancel Atlantis merely based on profit? Yes, if they merely looked at American ratings they wouldn’t be terribly impressed. But if they took the time to know Atlantis’ viewers, they would know most of them are European. Stargate Atlantis has many many viewers there, and they should count just as much as American viewers.


After the sucess of the first strike we’re now aiming at a second! Here’s the plan according to Save-TheLostCity:

As this coordinated campaign to Save Stargate Atlantis storms on, we at Save-TheLostCity and SOSGA believe its about time for another strike against the powers that be and we feel that now is the perfect opportunity to do this!

We would encourage you to make your voices heard by sending letters, lemons, postcards and anything you can think of which expresses your desire for a 6th season of Stargate Atlantis and your disatisfaction with its cancellation.

Send your thoughs to the following addresses;

Harry Sloan, Chairman & CEO of MGM
MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Charles Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President
MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

These are the people that matter in this campaign so we have to ensure we hit them well, and hard as it was MGM who cancelled Stargate Atlantis because of financial reasons – SciFi simply accepting this and took on board the new Stargate Series. MGM spend much less on two hours of TV – and bring in just as much if not more than they would for a TV series with 20+ hours of TV.

So we urge you to please send out your mail by the 19th September.

The 21st September (the one month anniversary of the cancellation) is on a Sunday when there is simply no mail in the US, so if letters are sent out by the 19th they should get there that following week.
If you do email, please send it on the 19th September. We are not sure if they will get through, as TPTB have applied filtering to all incoming mail because of the amount of Save Stargate Atlantis email they were recieving – but we can try.

So, Ahem. We now have this cleared out. MGM is the one we must truely aim at now. Scifi won’t do anything. That means we’re left wih only two targets: MGM & FOX.

Go here to view the contact info for FOX.