SyFy, MGM, and Brad Wright have freaken betrayed the SGA fandom. How dare they cancel our show, and replace it with a piece of crap like SGU. This is utterly disturbing. Absolutely troubling! Within these current weeks, I’ll make sure to bring hell to TPTB. I’ll be sending letters, emails, and all the freaken citrus fruits I can find. I WANT MY SHOW BACK.

Now after all this, I’m hearing that they’ve axed the Atlantis movie?!  See here for the depressing news. Also, the Atlantis props being sold off to the highest bidder, so that’s a basically a confirmation that there will be no movie. All the while this is coupled with the fact that they’ve arrogantly blocked all attempts at emailing them, by blacklisting all SGA-cancellation related matters, and have continually changed their email addresses. Just see here to read about SyFy executive Dave Howe bragging about blocking all our email attempts. What a damn liar!!

Currently the petition is over 37,000 signatures (at least that’s good).

Okay SGA fans, want to give them hell? See here for MGM/SyFy’s contact information.

Over 25000 on Petition + More Banners + SOSGA Releases Vlog Compilation!

We’ve reached over 25000 on the petition! Congrats! Let’s keep this up!


More Banners! Here’s just a sample of some of the many new banners (check out the rest and get their BBcode here):


Vlog Compilation from Sosga:

The Vlog is going to be shown at Armageddon con, has been sent to MGM and Sci-Fi and will be sent to many other places in due course. 
SoSGA would like to thank all those who have contributed their time and creative energies to make this part of the campaign a success.

Petition is over 20,000 Signatures!

Congratulations people! Our Online Petition has made over 20, 000 signatures! That’ll show MGM what they’ve done. We’re so close now, so close. Eversince that shocking day, August 21st, when he heard our show was cancelled, we knew very well there would be a fight. But hardly did I dare to dream that we would be so prepared, ready to fight against the powers of be so bravely, so fiercely.

We’ve fought with vlogs, emails, letters, phone calls, and even lemons. And now today, we’re so much closer. Little did I ever suspect the petition to go so far, and yet it did. We can now brag to MGM of how we stand united, let us tell them we’re as one. We shall not tire, we shall not faulter, we shall not fail; we shall not rest till Stargate Atlantis is brought BACK!