Contact SyFy Channel & MGM


Here’s how you can contact SyFy Channel or MGM. And please don’t send them hate mail. Send them slogans like “Save Atlantis”, “bring back the gate”, or come up with your own clever quote. Just be nice, catchy, and straight to the point. Tell them who you are, and why you like the show!

Contact them all in one email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

List of contact addresses


Jeff Zucker
CEO of NBC/Universal
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

CORPORATE PHONE: (212) 664-4444

Sci Fi

Viewer Comments line: 1-212-664-3571

SNAIL MAIL: Chris Sanagustin is in charge of overseeing Atlantis and was at Comic Con.

Ms. Chris Sanagustin
VP Original Programming
NBC Universal – Sci Fi Channel
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 1400, 14th floor
Universal City, CA 91608

Fax: 1-212-664-3890

Ms. Sanagustin reports to Mark Stern:

Mr. Mark Stern
Executive VP Original Programming
NBC Universal – Sci Fi Channel
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 1400, 14th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608

Dave Howe
NBC Universal – Sci Fi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10112

Thomas P. Vitale
Senior Vice President, Programming and Original Movies
NBC Universal – Sci Fi Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza, 21st Floor
New York NY, 10112E-MAIL

David Howe

Thomas P. Vitale

Mark Stern





Charles E. Cohen
Senior Executive Vice President
MGM Finance and Corporate Development
MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA, 90067

General Phone Number: 310.449.3000

One site lists his phone as 310-449-3102



There is a general email as well

MGM Website Operator

Name: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
Address: 10250 Constellation Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90067-6241
Phone: 310-499-3000

Harry Sloan

MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA. 90067

**EXTRA** Stargate Producers Addresses:

Brad Wright and Robert Cooper
Stargate Productions
c/o The Bridge Studios
2400 Boundary Rd,
Burnaby, BC
V5M 3Z3

Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
Stargate Productions
c/o The Bridge Studios
2400 Boundary Rd,
Burnaby, BC
V5M 3Z3


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  1. […] Contact SciFi Channel & MGM […]

    • To Sci Fi channel and MGM Save Atlantis and do a second movie. No more cliff hangers. I am ready to boycott Sci Fi and MGM

    • I had, until the mid 2010 year, been an avid Sy Fy Channel viewer. The reason for the chain in my viewing, is the numerous non fictional, reality shows that have been added to the Sy Fy TV programing. The majority of these shows have no entertainment value, as many of your tv viewers perceive. This includes the numerous showings of “Ghost Hunters”, which goes well above the Non entertainment value. I am making a reasonable SY FY viewer request which is, please change this new so called reality show programing. If not, I will search my cable network for the type viewing, that the SY FY channel once had.

      Paul Yawn
      8952 S.W. 53 Street
      Cooper City, Florida 33328

    • Please give me a Stargate to escape to each week ! It was the only series I cared to watch on tv.

    • i just wrote a long letter to MGM and the Syfy channel……..not too long, but to the point with detailed reports. i don’t want them to give the ok to the one who made the 1994 movie to finish the next two films of the trilogy..We don’t care about that trilogy. We only want SG-1 and Atlantis ~ in a movie together ~ and they can find the dead bodies of the SG Universe crew that were effed up by the Wraith ~ yay!!!! would be a dream come true ~ I hope they really do consider my proposals, I was serious.

    • Love Alphas! The only annoying thing about the show in my opinion is the character of Rachel. Someone needs to write her off. Other than that, good stuff 🙂

    • I thought that Japanese monster movies were the worse movies ever , but compared to SYFY ( Sci Fi ) movies they’re Academy Award Winners. I shouldn’t have to pay for this channel even if I don’t watch it. You guys should really be ashamed !

    • i’d like to see a certain movie on the channel

  2. Save Atlantis

  3. […] Contact SciFi Channel & MGM […]

  4. I have sent email to these addresses and it was returned. Anyone else having this problem? Im going to send Snail mail.
    DON”T END ATLANTIS!!!!!!!!

    • Yea I have the same problem. I want season 6 of Atlantis so a lot of questions can be answered like if John cheated on Todd and how. I also want them to get back together. They do have a connection.

  5. Lorinda:

    Scifi and MGM are filtering most of our emails. It’s best if we send letters.

  6. I’ve sent emails to scifi, it fails.

  7. what do i write to nbc.

  8. Um, if I remember correctly Nbc Universal is a higher command over MGM & scifi. So just tell them how you want Atlantis back.

  9. are they responsible for to pass it to another channel.

  10. They play a large role in that, I expect. As they are a higher chain of authority.

    For now I have been contacting TNT. Which I will be officially posting it’s contact info soon, as well with other channel information. That way we can massively write to them, asking them to please buy the rights to SGA and air it on their channel.



  12. Lydia:
    I’ve updated it! =]

  13. Contact scifi no esle is going to pick sga

  14. October 24,2007 marks the day Atlantis received a fifth season. I for one am not giving hope, this is not going to be easy and will not happen over night everyone of you deserves some resolution “i can make bad things happen to people who are mean to me” in the end i know a difference will be made

  15. Contact scifi no one esle is going to pick up sga

  16. Petition needs to reach 100,000 by January 31,2009

  17. quote is the half-blood prince if anyone hasnt read the book or seen the preview

  18. and in no way aimed at fans in fact is aimed at scifi say all of you deserve something for being betrayed by scifi

  19. if not a season six at least a few episodes

  20. I m posting the petition link on any site i think might help

  21. Who the hell posted that on livejournal? I m about ready to say i m done i dont care anymore i was going to send more letters postcards lemons to scifi why should i

  22. Post what on livejournal?

  23. Fightforsga post!!

  24. Oh, I don’t know. But they STOLE MY NAME!!!! 😡

  25. not everyone should call mgm, dont want to annoy them. it will only hurt the progess that has been made. i m surprised sosga didnt mention this

  26. @Katara — Believe me, it’s too late. Ever since SGA was cancelled I would call and their mail box and it would usually be full.

  27. I posted the petition link on a smallville site atleast 100 signed and it only took a few minutes of their time.




  29. I’ve haven’t gotten around to burning them yet. But I will. I just want to make few more videos maybe.

  30. Posting online is far more effective

  31. how much are internet ads?? thats a statement not a question

  32. Ahem, Sweeet!

    Honestly this is the first time I’ve called Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC Universal. Some lady told me to call back on Monday, and it was possible if the secretary screened my call I could talk straight to the president(s)!

  33. what are you going to say??

  34. I’m going to be as polite as I can, and tell all the facts according to our side. I will present the number on the petition, the vlogs, the protest, and I will tell him discretely our detest of Stargate Universe.

  35. I was going to call I know who at scifi made this decision and it wasnt bonnie or dave are you sure you what to call??

  36. Yes of course I want to call, you can too! NBC Universal does own Scifi, so it would be good to bring this issue to a higher power.

  37. I know who owns scifi, I just wanted to be the first

  38. ive sent 5 letters to NBC. who is the main one who will change their mind.who can encourge mgm to change their mind.

  39. We need at least 2 more seasons.. The best way to improve the publicity of atlantis is promote it. Most people have not enjoyed it. Share copies of it to people not aware of it and explain how it is far better then SG1. It is the ultimate evolution of the stargate concept and the whole package is something special that should continue. Atlantis is the best sci-fi show of its time for all age groups and genders.



    WHERE THERE IS PenPals, For Sale,Wanted,websites, Anouncements.

    I’ve put it in the WANTED Section:

    I can also place it in the Classifieds, but it costs,

    im from UK

  41. Wait to go Lydia! Keep it up guys!

  42. Thanks, i hope it will work,

    i keep wanting to know the price for classifiends from the scifi mags, like cult times mag, ive sent email, i will send a letter to them or telephone them.

    ive also set up a facebook page, to attract fans,already 2 people have joined, i dont know if they geniunly interested, i think people just want to join anything.

  43. Do not stop this show – what do you guys need to understand that there’s a solid fanbase out there and you have people EXPECTING you to supply us programs that we like.
    Do we all have to boycot your programs for you to really understand what we feel.
    I’m in France and the Sci-Fi channel is a subscriber channel. You delete Atlantis and I’ll stop my subscription. And everyone elese should as well !

  44. to Lydia
    What is your face book address?

  45. the first one is good. the second one wrong on my previous mail

  46. Everyone should go to their local butcher and buy the the unused brains,box them up,send them to the Exe.’s with a card telling them “YOU NEED ONE OF THESE IN A MAJOR WAY!!!!”

  47. I really LOVE Atlantis!!!! i can’t even believe they would consider ending it! It is one of the few very few shows i absoultly can not miss. i even record it when i cant see it. i hope the petition will work.

  48. OMG!!! OMG!!! i can’t believe this it needs to be saved!!!!

  49. Lets extend this fight… let’s get SG-1 back too! Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis have provided us with many years of entertainment… now we must do something for them! WE WILL BRING THEM BACK TO OUR SCREENS! WE MUST!!!!!!!!

  50. I am so annoyed about the never ending on screen advertisements about what is coming up next, or what will be on tomorrow night. I am trying to watch a movie. To show these ads for a few seconds is one thing, but to leave them up for the whole program is nuts.

  51. stuuuuuuuupppppppppiiiiiiiiidddddddddd


  53. Plese help get the sound and pic lined up
    We spend hours watching the mouths move and then the sounds come out.
    This will make me change channel
    thanks JL Gentry.

  54. sound and pic almost never lines up.
    It’s funny for a while then this will make you change channels.
    medicom Milton Fl.

    ADMIN: Sorry to hear that, but my website isn’t for complaints like that. We’re for bringing back Stargate Atlantis!!

  55. […] Contact SciFi Channel & MGM […]


  57. SGA is like our family, my husband and son and myself enjoyed it so much and looked forward to every exciting episode, we have the whole collection of DVD’s. Than you take them off and put on SGU, which literally stinks, we tried to get into and watch it, we already lost interest. Very boring, nothing like SGA that kept you on the edge of your seat. No character changes either. Please Please bring them back.

  58. of course CAPRICA will fail you stopped the first half of the series in a 6-who knows how long cliffhanger!

  59. ABC just cancelled a great show,FlashForward. Your network syfy will draw so many more viewers if you took the chance on this show.Also it fits your networks plot please take this comment into consideration

  60. I love stargate Atlantis. I like the flying city and his characters. I still hope that the series will return. Lory

  61. Those wonderful pictures are engraved in my memory. Maybe there was a city like that! But that is only a dream! But a miracle would be able to review film. I see. Silvia.

  62. still sickened at the thought of no new sga….. I was so into the last season…. please please bring this show back…. or at least add them to sgu……. a show that really need’s help…. I have yet to be able to watch a whole show…..

  63. I am deeply disappointed that Atlantis was replaced by a show that only lasted three episodes in Australia and then it was pulled off because well…the majority have spoken…it really did suck and it was not getting any ratings at all. I have never seen Universe brought back on Channel Ten and good riddance! Now if only they did that with Sci-Fi channel in the USA then our problem for many of us fans would be solved. Killing off Carson Beckett was a big mistake the writers have done, getting rid of the show will definitely be yet another BIG mistake. They will see that the ratings for SGA will boost if they bring it back, it is worth for more than six seasons, at least let it run like how SG-1 did and I loved SG-1 the same way I love SGA.

    • I agree. I also want them to finishing pairing Shepperd with Todd. Do not kill Shepperd, it would be a mistake just like it was killing Beckett.

  64. Stargate Atlantis is the only TV show I can watch with my 3 sons 13-15-16.
    I watch it over and over with them except a couple of filler episodes.
    What a shame to stop it for SGU which is embarrassing to watch.
    I literally have to watch a SGA episode after SGU just to get my mind back in order sorry to say that.
    There is something uplifting exciting funny and dare I say noble about SGA, in a world of Dark depressing TV and Movies.

  65. Please Save SGA and John Shepperd


  67. I have a book I wrote would u be interested in it. Fast paced, scary, gorie and down right good. Toni get back in touch with me.

  68. Please make a full-length movie of Atlantis.

    By the way I am in the science fiction book LEDNORF’S DILEMMA by David Conn as minor character. I am working on a science fiction called The Last Courtroom. It challenges hard science fictional ideas in the courtroom. For example, is invisibility protected by the second amendment or if UFOs landed on the moon are they trespassing. One must move foreward.

  69. 73 science fiction movie pilots.
    514 television episodes.
    All can be changed to fit Atlantis. I have of dreams to author.

  70. I have stopped watching Sci Fi and anything that has to do with MGM since they are ignoring the fans about Stargate Atlantis and the movie Extinction and more Atlantis movies. I want to see Joe Flanigan on more Series.

  71. I hope in Extinction they pair Shepperd/Todd because of their connection or Shepperd/Teyla.

  72. I hope to find out when we can get SGA Extinction on DVD and where.

  73. What is Don Black doing about this?

  74. Yes that is what I mean Shepperd/Todd slash. That would be hot. I saw on yutube where it said they have a connection . I would like to know what it is. While they were in prison together, did they they do something steamy together. Is that the connection?

  75. Sci Fi and MGM need to start listening to the fans instead of ignoring us and instead of doing what they want. I am one of the fans who want SGA Extinction. Don’t leave us with a season 5 cliffhanger. Also I would like to see them finally get Todd/Shepperd together and I would like to find out what their connection is.

  76. Maybe now with Spyglass Entertainment hopefully merging with MGM and bailing them out SGA EXtinction will be made.

  77. I am tired of SyFy and MGM not listening to the fans and doing what they want. MGM could solve some of their financial woes if they weren’t so selfish and Sell their property rights to SGA to another network on someone independent for the show to have another season or for the movie to be made. I want SGA back. And if SyFy had fought for it. Also Dave Howe is wrong, people e-mailed him and sent him letters. I have stopped watching SyFy.

  78. I hope MGM will use their heads and let Spyglass bail them out of bankruptcy since their creditors are in favor of it. They could have helped themselves financially if they had sold their property rights to SGA to another network or someone independent and let Extinction be made.

  79. I hope they finish the Shep/Todd pairing by crossing over Joe Flanigan as Shepperd and The Actor who played Todd to SGU and finish it there and finally get them together. If they can fit the McKay storyline and Woolsey Storyline into SGU they can the Shep/Todd one.

  80. I to am in the campaign to save and bring back SGA and to save Stargate Movies.

  81. I doubt MGM is bankrupt, because they and SyFy are bringing on shows that are even more expensive than SGA. They want to be stingy and selfish. If they were interested in how SGA fans felt they could have sold their property rights to SGA and let another network do Extinction. I read they and gang have stopped work on the movie. I have stopped watching Sci Fi and anything done by MGM except when Joe Flanigan’s 2 movies A Good Day For It and The Other Side comes on Si Fi next year I will watch them, but that is the only time I will watch Sci Fi.

  82. Science Fiction News looks cool. Why, do not SyFy Channel pick up that for a program.

  83. I never heard of it. I hope since MGM and Spyglass are going to merge and Spyglass is going to take the reigns after MGM files for bankruptcy that they will keep their promise to fans and do SGA Extinction. I want them to pair Shepperd and Todd.

  84. Since appearantly MGM and Spyglass are merging after MGM files for bankruptcy. I hope MGM and Spyglass will keep MGM’s promise and do SGA Extinction. MGM do not let the fans down. And we want Atlantis back.

  85. I hope now that MGM is filing for bankruptcy and is merging with Spyglass that they and Spyglass and creditors will give the Green Light for SGA Extinction to be made. I am one of the fans that for one to see the pairing of Shepperd/Todd. They make a good team. Also I wish they would have Joe Flanigan as a regular on Warehouse 13 or Sanctuary.

  86. Is it too late to bring back Atlantis? I just recently discovered the Stargate Franchise. I started with SG1 quite half way through S2(went back and am now up to season 6) and moved on to Atlantis. Love that show. Was very disappointed when I heard they canceled the show after only 5 seasons. Even more so when I reached the end of the 5th season only to find out nothing was brought to a conclusion. I also just recently learned that NBC is Syfy. I boycotted NBC years ago and haven’t watched it since. Simply put they have no loyalty to their programs or the fans of said programs. Now it looks like they are doing the same thing to SyFy & Stargate Atlantis. I then moved onto SGU only to be saddened by how soap oprah-ee that show is. The constant fighting between its characters, drama and lack of team work and real exploration is really dissappointing. Why do they mess with a winning formula. I beg of you NBC, I know it been 2 years, but if you can get the actors to agree please bring back SGA. No movies, I want the show back. And from the sounds of it, even now there is a strong wish for that show to return. If you still want to keep SGU afloat fine, but be good to the viewers and give them what they want. SGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NewFan I agree with you. NBC and MGM and Spyglass please bring back SGA. But I still want the movie. I am among the fans that want a Shepperd/Todd pairing. They make a good team.

  87. Also if you are ordering new episodes of Battlestar Galactica which is just as expensive as SGA, you can do the same for SGA.

  88. I agree with you Paul


  90. please syfy bring back the series of atlantis if you do this movie it will ruin atlantis i thought atlantis was good enough to do the same number of seasons as stargate sg-1. and i heard that stargate universe will only go up to season 2 im sure that if you allowed stargate atlantis to continue then more people would be interested to watch please let universe continue and bring back the series of atlantis.

    • Will that would be nice if they gave Atlantis back to us and also did the movie. I doubt they will and they never intended to do the movie with all the excuses they have given. They have been sent petitions, letters and fliers and they do not care about the fans, just what they want.

      • so thay have not said anything. Why did they cancel it in the first place it was a big hit here and if they don’t want to make no more why not sell the rights to like paramount ?

        • MGM said they were to make SGA and SG1 movies instead and Brad Wright because he got bored with it. But MGM I do not think were ever going to make the movie, because they started using SGU as an excuse.

  91. Hey, I don’t have anything insightful to say about atlantis,but,………. I’d definately rather watch babylon 5 over and over again than watch the so called “reallity”shows that are burning valiable sci fi time. Perhaps Time Tunnel or Lost in Space or any of the other outstanding sci fi shows of yesteryear would do more to satisfy the viewers than the mindless shows of the reality genre. You know there are several Star Trek series being neglected also. Thanx, Fritz ” we are grey”

  92. 1/22/2011
    Please help. There was a 2 part movie sometime in the last few the description of which contained “ 3 storms” This about wild weather with 3 storms coming together over Chicago. I did not know it was a 2 parter therefore I didn’t record the second part. I hunted all over the net trying to find the name and a place to see the 2nd part. Can you help? Its driving me nuts and I really want to see it!!!

  93. Return Atlantis to Friday nights. SGA never had a chance to wrap thing up, so it could return to were it left off in Vegas, and continue to fight off the wraith, Then perhaps lead them off to a new battle ground, until crushing them enough to return to Pegasus Galaxy. Where some of the old enemies have rebounded some and require another beat down. That scenario should give you enough to work another two or three seasons.

    • I agree Chief6309 except do not start off from Vegas, that was an alternate reality. STart off where they returned home. And bring back Elizabeth Weir in her full Replicator body.


    • Lory,
      I agree with you. But SyFy which canceled the show and MGM do not care how the fans feel. I know MGM just got out of bankruptcy, but if they can order new episodes of BSG they have enough to do SGA the movie and SyFy could bring it back to let it finish it’s story, but they won’t.

    • Bring the Atlantis gate back!!

  95. Dear Sir/Madam:
    I notice you will broadcast: John Doe, Jason 2.0, etc, but on the humorous side, would you be able to do some old shows. Misfits of Science, Hard time on planet Earth.

  96. I have been a syfy channel fan for around 10 years now and have loved the shows they have played , BUT . after hearing that they have droped SG altogather i am no longer a fan of syfy and will never watch the station again . Stargate put syfy where it is today and they turn their back on it . One bit of advice syfy , NO FAN of a tv show likes getting into a show like eg SG atlantis then they are left wondering how it ends because its been cancelled . If you keep this up syfy you will have no viewers left soon . There is no sence in watching a show that you will never know how it ends and that will cost you big time viewer wise . I will not be a viewer anymore because i do not want to get let down AGAIN . Bring SG Atlantis ,& universe back as we want to see how they end !!!

  97. Dear MGM,
    I am deeply saddened to say that after so many years of support for your second figurehead franchise, Stargate, you have let it go down the drain. Sure to be honest as a long standing fan I will admit Stargate Universe was undesirably, even a mockery to the franchises good name, but don’t you owe the fans, and more importantly the staff, Brad Wright ? Sure the movies would have been great, and many of us are still hopeful we will eventually get one (even with the aging actors), but here is my proposition, work with what you have, you have the rights and assets to an assortment of finished/nearly finished Stargate videogames, I suggest you do what any good company does when it is try to milk its “cash-cow” franchises to help support its financial struggles, a game collection for PC, XBOX 360 and PS3. This would include the finished product of the SNES Stargate Movie game, with the Gameboy game as a mini-game, the final product of the nearly completed Stargate SG-1 The Alliance game, and for online play, a nigh essential component in console gaming nowadays, the online function-ability of the Stargate Resistance product running off the Alliance technology. In an age of companies recouping money using “HD Collections” why not finally give your loving fans what they deserve and let them be a part of the world they have so longed to be, Stargate.
    From an adoring fan,
    Michael Way Esq.

    • I completely disagree with you. Yes, I admit, SGU did start a bit slowly… but the second season was just phenomenally good… period.

  98. Well I am in disagreement with some here…. I love Ghost Hunters as do other friends of mine. Is it me or do I see it slowly being edged out by the likes of Fact or Faked. Which is really a bad show and is boring. Who cares about seeing hot air balloons made to look like UFO’s. Ghost Hunters is about the only one of its kind that is legitimate. I really feel Jason and his crew attempt to debunk paranormal activity first instead of the other show, without mentioning any names (Zak) who seems to have an overwhelming amount of showy activity every show. You know that much has to be staged! Ghost Hunters is real and honest. Let’s have more of them and less of fact or faked garbage.

  99. In 2005 they came out with a book titled “The Radioactive Boyscout”. I saw the darn story in Playboy and time magazine in 05. Just tonoght my girlfriend found the movie rights for sale on craigslist or something. Does anyone think that I can buy the rights and sell them to a legitimate producer for a few extra thousand bucks or something? I could really use a few grand right now?

  100. Reguardless, I think SCI-FI should really make an hour movie or something. You know movie where the neighbors walk into thier backyard and find a shed glowing soft blue. Maby the animals would be frollicing around with a glow of diferent colors. Like, I saw that movie dinocroc maby a similar verision could be made where, I don”t kow, I do no notin bout movies. All I know is that it got 3 playboy bunnies. Awsome DUDE!!!!!!!!

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  105. So i have the petfect scifi movie thoughtt up and i wanna tell scifi about it

  106. will you be scheduling a marathon of Eureka, Warehouse 13, Alphas, or Haven they are great shows. I miss them.

  107. I would just like to thank you for bringing back the old episodes of paranormal witness. It is honestly my favorite show out there. My fiancé and I love watching it. I’m hoping to see new episodes in the near future. Thanks again Albert

  108. I had read that the Syfy Channel was going to “pick up” the BBC show, Merlin, but have not seen it this season, and I have looked and looked for it. I watched previous years but have not been able to find out if it will be shown again. Please let me know, are you airing Merlin? That was such a great show.

  109. We are ready for a NEW SYFI paranormal TV show! We watch the paranormal team called RIPCREW Paranormal Team from Texas on their UStream LIVE and they are far more exciting than Ghost Hunters!!!

  110. Pleas start Strargate Atlantis back up agen, you would be surprised how many people wach it on Netflix.
    Sargate Atlantis is my favorite stargate show because evry new ep is so exciting, cool and fun!! I like that humans made super cool stuff NOT aliens like in stargate univers, Im getting tierd of the alien stuff. Pleas take this under advisement. Thank’s

    • I couldnt agree more with you Seth. I just finished watching Stargate Atlantis on Netflix and I want more Stargate Atlantis!!! I am going to email mgm, and nbc right now.


  112. Hello,
    my husband and I would LOVE to be on the new show “total blackout ” how can we send a request and to whom?

    Thanks for your help in advance

  113. Stop airing all the reality bull crap ghost shows and other reality tv shows on syfy please you are killing what syfy is. pretty soon no one will watch I know I’m not the only one not everybody gots time to do this. but I know they hate it I use to depend on the syfy channel for a good Creepy. Movie. Now cable is very boring & worthless so either bring back syfy or make another channel for syfy.the channel …ion ….has two channel and a few more other programs. Kill the reality shows mabe keep them but don’t let them run all day every day are you kidding me.

  114. They need to kill this channel off and make a new one called The Stargate Channel! like how Red Dwarf got their own called the Dave Channel

  115. Like I said email me for opinions that are worth the time to look over not this hate msg’s or long comments. Stargate is awesome

  116. Wait, is SyFy still on the air?


  118. Don’t know of these emails still work but thought I would give it a try. You have all probably heard this a lot but it would be awsome if you could renew the SGU serious. I believe that the audience wasn’t ready to watch a series like this just yet due to the type of programming (reality tv) that was being favored. From the sales of the SGU dvd’s proves that people are willing to watch this show and by cutting this story short will dissapoint the fans that are finally gettig interested in the series. Ironically the series ended with the crew having to wait 3years to awake from their pods so I think by renewing this series with the same actors would really hit the mark with audiences especially those who had purchased the dvd’s which should be worth the ratings.

  119. Good Morning, I am deaf. I noticed something is wrong with channel 160 Syfy without captioned caption. Yesterday was working but why today because the new Ghost Hunters is coming on tonight at 9pm. I did called comcast from where I live in South San Francisco, CA. They could do nothing further to help me but suggest me to call channel provider, so Im here to type and please fix it. It is very imporatnt. Don’t ask me anything about my t.v. because my t.v. is good condition, I have closed caption on and even the cable box is on, so fix it as soon as possible. I appreciate it your time to read this.


  120. Estaba investigando para un proyecto de la escuela en relacion concejos de belleza y llegue aqui.
    Me ayudo mucho.

  121. I am a non-tv guy up until i lost my job, i found SGU on netflix by accident and started watching it. i was shocked at how parts of it was really good, it had a new battlestar galactica feel to the camera placements but i got past that. the show had great potential going forward if for a few changes in the story line. 1st to many trips back to earth, no one really cares that one of the shipmates is a lesbian they ran that story line into the ground way to fast. it could have been spread out through out the series not piling it up in the frist 2 seasons. there are many ways to put this show back on the air, i agree with Derrick Bennett they should make a stargate channel and just add other sci fi shows to the listings. lot of room for this to go forward but does MGM/SYFY have the smarts to do so. only time will tell

  122. hi don’t no why you keeping on showing vampire movies.i waite every weekend for horror movies and scary movies or shark movies adventure movies.there are so many good movies dated back to the 80s and so on. lets start bringing those movies back on the weekend. thank you. RJ.

  123. Hi my friend and I would like lnformation on getting on the show stranded.We watch it every wed.Please let me know about the show.Thank you Wayne.

  124. We would like to be on one of the shows “stranded ” please give us a contact if you would like people do go in a scary place

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  136. Please save Destination Truth. It’s one of my favorite shows.

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  138. Lol…….SciFi is dead. They wanted to appeal to woman and not the male base. I used to watch SciFi all the time, but now the other networks are tearing SciFi apart. You have shows SciFi if they had guts like the old days should have been picking up. Examples are Falling Skies, Under the dome and Sleepy Hollow. They aren’t going after the male market with the realalites shows their going after the female market which will doom them in the end. I remember the old days when I would plan a date around a show. Other then continuum And Haven (only two shows) I’ve made it a point to watch. Like the days with Stargate, battlestar Galactica, cars cape and Firefly they have no guts to take a risk. But what do I know their rich and don’t care. I just don’t watch the channel anymore…..boreing. Good luck SciFi, the other networks are picking up what your turning down and their making it work.

  139. What has happened to all the good science fiction/fantasy programming that used to dominate the scifi channel? It’s like we have a group of programmers who are under the mistaken impression that poorly made horror movies = science fiction/fantasy. They must be trying to imitate the chiller channel- but are even failing miserably at that. Scifi channel used to be our favorite- no longer!

  140. I would like to leave feedback at However, when I attempt to go to any syfy related site on an iPhone, I am directed to a mobil version of that apparently only has the option to watch videos. This is incredibly annoying. Even if I type in the URL directly, I’m redirected to a useless page that doesn’t even give an option to change from a mobil view to a web view. Please make the mobil version more useful or give the option to change to a web version. I would like to give feedback without getting on a computer. Destination Truth was a better show than any of the ones being aired to date!!!

  141. Of all the great shows on Syfy Naked Vegas is one of the best. I haven’t heard any news about a second season, but Kelly Belmonte had asked the fans to request the return to Syfy. As a makeup artist myself and dedicated fan I’m reaching out to try and get these amazing artists back in the spotlight. I hope you will consider!

    • Sadly, all the good SCI FI shows have become a thing of the past. Now we get really crappy movies such as Sharkanado and what ever else they can combine sharks with, etc… Shows like Star Gate Atlantis get yanked for such horrible movies. I used to watch the SCI FI Channel every night, now they’re lucky if I tune to it once a month. We got a new crew for Star Trek, yet it still hasn’t made it to a weekly Science Fiction show, but it someone suggest to them that something like ZebraShark would be a good movie, you can count on it being on on a Saturday night. The people who run the SCI FI Network need to start listening to their viewers. When you see a website such as Save Atlantis, well, I don’t know how they can miss such a message. I’ve yet to see any websites requesting the next combination of sharks with butts (or whatever). Yeah, I know this email is coming off as kind of stupid sounding, but it’s no more stupid than what I’m forced to watch on the Sci Fi Channel these days.


  143. Where is Ghost Hunters at Because on Wednesdays Ghost Hunters is to be on Wednesdays at 9:00 every night so where is Ghost Hunters at. From Wendy Sells

  144. I Just left you a reply about Ghost Hunters.

  145. Its 2014 now and the city of Atlantis is still sitting off the coast of San Fransisco, clocked, while the ZPM continues to run down. I think its well past time for the SCI FI Channel to get the city back in action and send it back on it’s way to the Pegisis Galaxie where it belongs, ready to due battle with whatever bad guys the SciFi Channel can come up with, using as much of the original cast as possible.

  146. Please save BEING HUMAN

  147. I have been a ScyFy fan since the channels inception, lately it has only been on for Helix. My question is: where are the rhinestoned unicorns/princesses? Clearly somebody’s little girl is picking the line up at ScyFy as “dress up” and “make believe” are the only themes they seem to promote. I know there are millions who enjoy COSPLAY and GHOSTS, but


    The BBC channel is doing a better job delivering REAL scifi

  148. SAVE REVOLUTION !!! Please pick up this series : so much potential !!!

  149. I would like to recommend the book, OPERATION HERMES; by E. Frank Mancl for a possible movie or TV Series for your network. I feel it would be a hit with so many of viewers!

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  153. i was watching Wizard wars last Tuesday and i realized that the competitors compete for $10.000 but on the channel the info says they will face a team of wizards for $100.000

  154. play more ghost storys and shows and on ufo stuff because zombie shows are really really stupid z nation come on really

  155. Samay mp cg ka channel videocon d2h par da karo

  156. Great show FOREVER cancelled by abc. Has LARGE NUMBER OF loyal followers. U picked up a dropped show called STARGATE and it did great for u and ran for years. ABCs stupidity can be a successful winning show for you. Check out the great cast, interaction of the characters, great story line and endless potential for more fantastic storyline. Please check into this.

  157. I applaud the quality of recent Syfy channel offerings, and many not recent as well, good job ! I was angry and disappointed, however, to see that you have allowed at least one gun maker, Glock, to advertise firearms on you channel. I can tell you that continuing to see commercials hawking firearms will lead to a drastic, if not outright, reduction in my viewing of your channel.

  158. Since the early 2000 I learned the hard way not to watch television shows that are currently running when Firefly was cancelled in these past few years I’ve been watching the Sci-Fi channel just thinking how I wished Firefly would have originally came out on the Syfy channel because they would never cancel a popular series before its time and now I hear that defiance has been cancelled I thought that the Syfy channel understood its viewers apparently they do not I will not be watching any more series on the Syfy channel anymore I thought you were better than this apparently greed is taking over your company good luck in your future

  159. Good Morning
    Could you plesse direct me to the right department who oversees distribution. My screenplay goes into production this fall. Called Crocodylus.
    Thank you

  160. This is Quinton L . Agee by the way Happy Halloween , an thats not it it’s also Holiday season am I have sum thing special for Syfy an it’s am compact disc recording called Thanksgiving Holocaust , meaning an for all who love life with an live band use it on an Syfy soundtrack an let’s do business !

  161. I think myself and the rest of Stargate fans are ready for the Atlantis movie it’s about time to renew the Stargate series maybe even start up with the birth or development of the Asgard 2 Atlantis and the ancients great movie idea or series

  162. You have an ad on the syfy station about free medical dental and free prescreptions ,this ad is a con to cheat medicare ,if you care about these conning cheats you shoulded air it thank you .

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  166. Such not working Trying to watch znatiton

  167. Hello, I have just recently heard about the show Helix and I binge watched the only 2 seasons on Netflix. I loved the show, but I can understand why so many people stopped watching the second season. It was a little hard to follow some of the time and some of the characters were quite horrendous, and some of the horrors involved with the Abby seem like they could very well happen in real life, it could’ve scared some people off unfortunately.

    Anyways, the real reason why I wanted to contact SyFy was to see if there’s any chance at a season 3, OR some kind of “written closure”, a book, or even just a short summary of what could’ve or would’ve happened. The cliffhanger is killing me and seeing that Ilaria pregnation facility have my heart a kick in the @$$, I got so excited to see what was going to happen next, only to find out the show is older than I realized and that it got cancelled. I guess I can understand why it got cancelled but it’s not like most people watch tv shows on tv when they could wait until the seasons over and buy the dvds or watch whatever’s on Netflix or crave ect.
    Helix would be a great comic or graphic novel as well.

    Sorry for the message being so long, I just hope you haven’t given up on the story.

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