The Fight for Atlantis

If you haven’t already heard, Stargate Atlantis has been cancelled.  The news came to us on August 20th. It was then reconfirmed by the SyFy Channel on the 22nd. This news has deeply saddened us all. It has even angered us. For them to pull a move like this is unbelievable. Atlantis had potential. Those times when McKay and Sheppard fought was very memorable indeed. And the Wraith, they’re practically the best made villains yet! Unless we don’t act, there will be no sixth season.

There won’t be any Wraith in Stargate Universe. Neither will there be Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, nor Ronan. We can’t count on the writers for that. No we can’t. What we can do is protest. We can end this silly cancellation. Sign the petition (over 38,000 signatures)! Every voice counts! Haven’t you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? One little step in life can go a long way. And that’s what we’re here for, because you know what? We’re fans. So it’s about time we act like ones!

Here at the FFA it’s our turn to save Atlantis. We’ll provide backgrounds, avatars, banners, and much more. We have forums to plot tactics in protesting Atlantis’ cancellation, we have lemons to send, music videos to make, company phone numbers to call, company emails to spam, company mailboxes to overflow, and a fierceness that will never slow!

So don’t you think there’s no hope, because there is. Stop being a chicken and realize that! How do you think Ronan became such a skilled warrior? He used his training, strength, and guts. And that’s what we got to do. If you ever want to see Atlantis again, you’ll help us out. You’ll do this. We can do this!

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92 Responses

  1. I was both angry and depressed at the news about my favouirte show being cancelled, just what are they thinking! The show and the actors are immpecable! I cant believe they could even consider axeing such a popular show. So they are going to make a new series, well you know what they can stcik it because I for one will not be watching it my loyalties lie with the cast of SGA. Just thinking about these amazing actors/actresses being out of work really upsets me. Apparently they want to appeal to a younger audience, does that mean then that all us fans are classed as old foggies and the actors? What a cheek! Joe Flanigan is 40 and could give any younger man a run for money in acting skill an looks and that goes for the whole cast!
    They have promised us feature lengh films but that still wont make up for our yearly 20 fantastic episodes.
    I am utterly devestated! I can only hope and pray they come to their senses and change their minds.
    STA is the best thing to come on TV in years!
    Francene – England

  2. You are right Francene. But there is more we can do than hope and pray. It is time to fight for Atlantis!

    In the coming days MGM and SciFi Channel will have hell to pay for what they have done. I’ll make plenty sure of that.

  3. Im 100% behind you, im gonna keep emailing them till they get sick of me. I just LOVE this show so lets give em hell! x

  4. It’s only been the first week and already SciFi Channel is loosing it’s grip. They’re feedback email doesn’t work now because we flooded it so much!

    And remember to call them too! Don’t be afraid to, just leave a message! And when you call Charles E. Cohen, you can leave your number and they’ll get back to you!

    Also, remember to call with many different phones. I call with my cell phone, house phone, mother’s phone, friend’s phone, and even a store’s phone! That way they’ll think there’s even more different people calling them!

    Just go inside a random store, ask if you can use the phone, then call Scifi or MGM!

  5. How can Sci-Fi do this again. What an excellent tourch bearer for the franchise after the end of SG1. Besides there is so many story threads to get finished it would be impossible to complete them in the final few episodes and I don’t want to hear of movies just yet. I will boycott Sci-Fi over here and have already sent a direct e-mail to them and to Sky who show Stargate over here in Ireland. I am absolutely disgusted that the fans are once again being let down. The producers shouldn’t go with what Sci-Fi want. Jump ship to someone else if it means we get one or two more seasons out of it. The ride is only half way through. Don’t leave us hanging. Have Atlantis finish the way they want to, not the way big fat tv execs who don’t have a clue want to. It happened with Star Trek. Lets put the pressure on and not have history repeat itself.

  6. i d rather see a couple of episodes not a movie i hate movies

  7. hey all i support any site trying to save SGA they tried this before with season 4 and we showed them we wouldnt take it now lets show them again!!! they will feel our wrath and regret what they decided iv been to a couple of sites and took banner, sig, and evvys from there sign patitions and am spreading the word as much as i can

    now how do i get MGM and SCIFI emails so they can have hell to pay

  8. visit gateworld

  9. PLEASE DON’T CANCLE THE SHOW.My boyfreind love Tooodd the wraith and the gang.We love see Todd’s backround.It would be cool!

  10. I agree with francene completely about the cast and about joe flanigan about his acting,looks.
    I also feel sorry fot the cast.
    They were suprised as we.
    ,all the cast are all wonderful. anybody can watch atlantis,what ever their ages.
    Really i dont understand why they canceled,it won people’s choice awards,obiovsuly theres a massive fan base. It should come back.
    IV’S Only send a letter to SCI-Fi channel,two email, to MGM,NBC UNIVERSALL.

  11. on the forums —- it seems to me many people like Rodney makay a lot than john sheppard, i like sheppard a bit more. though i like him and makay.

    I suppose makay is the best character.

    I really liked Tori igginson’s character Eliabeth Weir,especially with Joe Flanigan charecter Sheppard .

    its a pity they killed her off. I didnt like her as a Replicator. i prefer characters to stay as the are than a different character.

  12. Hey Lydia, just because your from the UK doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference. There’s plenty of actions you can take:
    Nielsen ratings
    Phone calls (long distance though)

  13. first fan to stand in front of scifi nyc with a save sga sign i will send them a hundred ninty dollars

  14. I know your trying to organize a rally for mgm however its scifi’s decision and many fans have asked about nyc you should help them as well nyc is going to be cold soon

  15. No, no, it was a joint process. MGM definately had a say, they wanted Atlantis movies, not the series.

  16. what can magazines do to save atlantis.

    I want to send a letter to fficial mag, but i dont know what to say.

    I’ve never done this,saving A show.

    I only sent a letter to SCIFI Channel, i send it one email to mgm and Universal studio.

    we in uk should contact FORBIDDEN Planet.

  17. If your sending a letter to a magazine or any media outlet, just inform them politely of the situation at hand. Tell them how disappointed you are. And ask if they can do something or feature the story. Remember to be nice, the media isn’t to blame for the cancellation.

  18. thanks.I will send an email or letter soon.

  19. I am onley a kid and my hole faimly loves SGA, But Iam not sure how I can help.

  20. Ahh Becky! I didn’t see you there.

    Please visit our “what you can do” page.

  21. heres a form letter to send to tnt
    with links to our other sites

    TNT Form Letter Save SGA

    Recently MGM decided to cancel Stargate Atlantis. But I and other fans do not agree them. We want our show to continue for a six season and beyond. Please, we would be very gracious if you decided to let Atlantis move to TNT instead of staying on it’s current channel: Scifi.
    Please, let Stargate Atlantis move to your channel, TNT.

    Please note the attached links to some of the various sites and groups dedicated to saving our beloved show
    Petition site :
    [get current number from web site] signatures since August 10,2008 as of today [date you send it out]

    Groups :

    I thank you for your time and consideration.

    Thanks, [your name here]

  22. I don’t know if this new is correct. They announce movie SGA in 2009 to bring a conclusion to all the storylines developped during the last 5 seasons and to put a conclusion to SGA show. there would be only one movie and the last. Copper and wright doesn’t continue the show that they created 5 yeras ago.
    They replace the season 6 by one movie. 20 hours to 1h45. It’s a little bit short. They botch it.
    what do you think about this?

  23. Dominique:
    I think we can’t let them do this! As fans we deserve more, the cast, writers, tech people, we all deserve better than this. WE’LL show SCIFI AND MGM!

    avidfan: Nice letter, but you forgot a link to this site. 😉

  24. to Dominique

    you are completely right, we have to do a lot things.

  25. hello to everybody,







  27. I have a dream. I’ve dreamt SGA change its producers. B. Wright seems so stubborn and want so his new toy. I’ve dreamt Richard Dean Anderson, his best friend Mickael Grunberg who have a society of production and who have already produced SG1 could be the next producers of SGA. I’ve heard RD Anderson has been shocked and upset to by this wrong decision. But It’s just a dream. And if this dream would become reality.
    Joe Mallozzi and paul Mullie was in charge in Vancouver.
    Why not?

  28. Hello to all

    I need help to fill in a form on the website about ads on buses.They are offering Free Consultation
    i can fill in some of it but i need the address where we want it to go. So i can ask how much it costs.

  29. Actually i need somebody from LA to fill the form in,because its asking for the address of the person who lives in la.

  30. Hey,
    Before I saw Lydia’s link to website concerning bus advertising, I had found another company on the LA Department of Transportation website – Titan Worldwide. I sent them an email asking about pricing.

    They called me today, boy was I surprised! Anyway we talked and so pricing for advertising on 40 buses for 4 weeks and making of the banners woud be about $9,000. I asked to see pricing if we could get the pricing down, using less buses and I also asked for pricing on street banners (maybe we could place a few on some light post really close to MGM) is the bus advertising was beyond reach.

    SOSGA did not think this was a good option, so
    anyway, now we know how much.

  31. @ElisaD — I agree. SOSGA are the one’s who would have actual power to collect money and they’ve said no for good reasons. We must respect this. There isn’t anyone else who would have the power of donations anyways. Don’t look at me, this site is merely run by one kid, while SOSGA has a team man.

    Anyways, we have many other plans too. Has anyone been calling MGM or Scifi? I’ve had their phone numbers up here long before SOSGA’s initiative.

  32. I’ve been calling! And still sending emails, postcards, lemons and posting at H!N.

    Just wanted to let others know what the pricing would be for the bus advertisment. and that SOSGA did not think this was the way to go I also posted the info at SOSGA, since I had emailed the company before I got a response back from SOSGA, just as info for others that see the post there. It would be a big undertaking to get it going and would require a team to get it off the ground.

  33. i read billboards are bit cheaper.



    All of us are very serious to get the show back. we need to do something a bit bigger.





  35. Sir if you really want to get them to reconsider let them know there gonna lose a shitload of money from this stunt. Instead of just a petition try getting serious. something along the lines of a list of names of people who will no longer be giving the stargate franchise there money because they’ve been angered/pissed off/ aleinated/dissapointed/whatever….

    put the names hurr.

    Then at the bottom ask them a simple question.

    Ask them to count all the names on the list and then calculate how much they are willing to lose with these people no longer supporting the shows or direct to dvd movies. If it’s long enough they’ll realize that not only is this a bad idea but that continuing it would be a good idea. why? Maybe also include something along the lines of letting potnetial future watchers in on what they pulled before and why steering clear of it may be a good idea.

    If it is a long list all those people would watch another season meaning they’d get money from it but that if they canceled it they’d in the end LOSE a lot of money from all these people not buying the dvd’s and movies/other things and also having them tell potential future watchers to steer clear of it. I am unsure if this will work but it’s the best idea I could think of. Oh yeah let em know that said season had better not F*****G suck. were not stupid cash cows here.

    The old hit em where it hurts tactic. In this case there wallets. I hate to go this far but seeing as the save SG-1 campaign failed maybe a more aggressive approach is needed here.

  36. is anybody spreading the word that we want somebody to rally outside mgm. on the net.

    whats our main problem with the campaign, is there something we could improve with.

  37. we need to focus on scifi and turn bonnie and dave against the person at scifi who made this descision

  38. ive sent 5letters to NBC, i was thinking maybe the are the best to send letters to. maybe they can influence mgm to reconsider the disicion.

  39. ive come up with idea that all of you could do. might get scifi to change their mind.

    i dont know your cable subscription , all of you are saying you are not going to watch SGU. and thinking of cancelling your subscripition, why dont you do it.

    i know your are watching SGA now on scifi. but anybody can download atlantis on the net and watch it.

    if you can do it, cancel your scifi subscripition for a while, all of you at same time, so scifi will lose many customers.

    i bet most people who tune to scifi, is to watch sga. its their number one show, so if they lose viewers because of sga, they might change their mind.

  40. I don’t have a subscription, I just buy the dvds.

  41. what do you think of the idea,

  42. It’s a good idea. I think many have already done this, or at least many have suggested it or thought it. We can threaten to cancel our subscription in emails and letters to MGM, Scifi, and Brad Wright.

  43. its still up to scifi to change their mind because mgm needs a network to show the series, if scifi dont want it, mgm wont have sga or sgu sg1. and scifi could put sgu on hold for while. i dont believe there was another channel bidding for sgu.

    i think scifi would like to keep sga, but mgm pushed in them in the corner with this decision.

    we need to show scifi what is going to happen with the franchise after sga finishes.

    its the franchise that has put scifi in the top ten basic cable.

  44. i would like to erase this sentence we need show scifi

  45. i heard the news about vlog from
    i felt this site wasnt doing enogh. anyway i think we still should focus on scifi.

    i dont like to wish for sgu to fail, we dont know if its going tb bad or good, i dont think it can replace sga,im really emotional with sosga news.

    but if it fails and it might bring back atlantis
    , i wont be that upset about it.

  46. Hi,I’m new here!I agree with you Lydia!SOSGA isn’t doing enough but WE are,aren’t we?I think there’s still hope!if we keep fighting we’ll get Atlantis back!I know we can……..!

  47. i think we might have a chance, because of the movie, maybe some thing will change arond the time of movie. other shows have comeback. everbody should concertte on scifi. we know scifi want the franchise, we need to work around that.

  48. you know?I think they din’t get the message yet that if they don’t bring Atlantis back we won’t watch SGU!maybe we should think about a way to make them understand!

  49. Look,we REEEEEAAAAALLLLYYY need to attract their attention!we have to find the best way to do so!!any ideas….?

  50. Okay, hopefully today I can update this site. Alot of things have happened and I need to get this place cleaned up since it’s we’re one of the last sites trying to save the show. Right now we’re probably the top second “Save SGA” site due to STLC’s and SOSGA’s failure to continue. Livejournal is the top first site, honestly, we get most of our information from them.

  51. Hi to all,
    I was wondering about sending something to MGM and SciFi and Brad Wright….I saw on this website

    “Very Special Message Bear by Build-A-Bear Workshop® – Tell them how extra special they are to you with this delightful plush bear! Our caramel brown message bear holds a small pot of flowers that sends a “Beary Special” message.Your purchase includes a FREE personalized gift message.”

    The bear cost 18.99 and then add on the delivery charge (don’t know how much). Maybe we can decide on who to send the bear with message to and everyone can send them at once.


  52. ElisaD — My thoughts are, that its a little to expensive and we need all the people we can get. We need to appeal to everyone with ways to save the show that our inexpensive. So perhaps we should stick to lemons.

  53. Lemons it is then.

    But I am smitten with the idea, so I think I will send them a bear with a message, I can afford a couple of them. Any suggestions on one or two to hit?

  54. Hey,

    Just received an email from about a new poll about SGA and SGU. Go over and vote!

  55. hi to all
    I find another poll:
    Then I’ve been gone on other site and other topic. May be we can put a comment.
    It’s about the reasons for what SGA has been cancelled and why they try to impose SGU. It’s about the creative call. Reasons not so convincing. In my opinion they try to convince themself. i fund their explanations so weaks.Tomorrow I leave my opinion on it. It’s late in France.
    Someone said that if “Jericho was saved It would be because they found an sponsor. May be we could us write to the advertisers of SGA and explain them what they risk to loose with the cancellation of SGA to another show called SGU. I live in France so I don’t know what are the ads on SCI-FI.
    I left the same comment on the live journal

  56. i think we should send something a bit big to scifi.

    we should send something each by our self, instead
    of all of us contributing to one person to send it by them self.

    with people dont know if we are still fighting , we should send flyers or press the word around the net with a ad. or with something else.

  57. I’ve justreceive this by mail. maybe can we do something overthere.

    It’s been a while since any good Stargate news has crossed my path. Lucky for Stargate fans though, I just found out about a 3-day Stargate Convention here on the East Coast. I also have some reassuring news from Stargate writer and producer Joseph Mallozzi. Enjoy! (!!!! I added just this)
    The Official Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis Convention Comes to New Jersey
    That’s right! The Official Stargate Convention says good-bye to the East Coast by holding a 3-day event at the Clarion Hotel in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. This convention is the last one to be held on the East Coast. Stargate Conventions will continue in other areas of the country and in Vancouver, Canada. This wrap-up convention will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 7, 8 and 9. The times are different for each day and there are lots of events scheduled. There are a few different ticket packages available, so visit the website for pricing and tickets. Don’t forget to pick up some great Stargate convention gear here!

    Are you going to the convention? Click here to connect with other YouChoosers who are going!

    Have the Atlantis Sets Gone the Way of the Ancients?
    Fans got a little upset when a rumor starting going around that machinery was destroying various Stargate sets at Bridge Studios in Vancouver. Stargate writer and producer Joseph Mallozzi verified the rumors earlier this month at his blog. Mallozzi said “yes, it’s true and, no, it’s not a big deal.” He clarified that the sets being destroyed were the village set, cave sets, catacombs and a cafeteria view – not very important or exciting sets. The wraith hive/facilities, the Daedalus/Apollo, and the Atlantis gate room, control room, infirmary, Woolsey’s office and various other corridors are still intact. Mallozzi said that even the SGC gate room, control room, briefing room and some corridors were still up even thought SG-1 was cancelled two years ago. So in the words of Mallozzi, “fear not. The (Atlantis) movie will not take place entirely on some forested planet.” Discuss the upcoming Atlantis movie here with other Atlantis fans.
    Still upset about losing Atlantis? Get all four seasons of Atlantis here!
    Warming Up the Gate to Dial the Ninth Chevron
    With production expected to begin in early 2009, Stargate Universe is set to air on the SciFi network sometime in 2009 – probably in the summer. This series is expected to be much more than just another Stargate spinoff. Writers are trying to make the show a completely separate series from SG-1 and Atlantis. The show is also hoping to capture a younger audience with writing updated for a more modern feel.
    Universe will be set entirely in space on a ship that was part of an Ancient experiment that was begun possibly millions of years ago. The Ancients could never see what happened to their project, but we will. There’s a discussion going on between Stargate fans about the new show and if it will be worth loosing Atlantis for. Join in the conversation now!
    Can’t wait for the newest Stargate incarnation? Check out the animated Stargate Infinity series here!
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    click here to block future emails.
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  58. Fightforatlantis,

    My local newspaper has an on-line edition and they have a segment where people can submit videos, so I was wonder if I could use one of your Save SGA videos to post there. Or if you would prefer, you can go there and submit one.

    Have you looked at your local newspaper on-line edition to see if they have something simlar? One way to let public know that SGA has been canceled.

    Just a thought 🙂

  59. i thought about this here in uk. the newspaper has a tv guide mag, so i was thing of placing it there.

    what about somebody subbmmits an article to magazines, about the campaugn,

  60. @ ElisaD — Go for it! Submit them all! But do you know how to download them? Go to That’s a very good place to freely download any youtube video by copy and pasting it’s URL. And remember to download it’s highest quality.

  61. I don’t know if It’s a good idea but why do not write to a magazine like Variety. I know this magazine only by the name but It speaks about entertainement.
    Do you think It’s a possibility to spread the word?

  62. To Dominigue
    are u responding to my message

  63. No I don’t. I don’t received it. What message?

  64. i mean the message about variety.

  65. I find this

    “why did they can SGA when it was so good and doing well”

    Anyway this is what his answer is:

    “I’m with you. I figured on season 6, I’d even spent the money. I
    think they were eager to do another Stargate show. or as i like to
    call, **S T A R G A T E 9 0 2 1 0**. They dont like it when i call
    it that!. I dont really know. and hey, i’m as upset about it as you
    are, maybe more.”

  66. I was extremely depressed that they canceled SGA.
    I’m still equally as fumed as I was several months previous.
    It’s just so maddening when SGA had gotten so many awards and was going so well.
    I refuse to watch Universe, even though it’s more for my age group.
    I like the density, maturity, and everything about SGA.
    I’m not too thrilled about the idea of watching a TV show about a multitude of teeny-bopper brats.
    So, PLEASE make sure all your friends know about this site, so that way they can stand up for it as well!!!
    SGA is the best show ever! It even tops SG1.
    Thanks everyone for moving against MGM in their ridiculous decision to cancel a perfect show!

  67. Congrats, i now have no reason to watch the scifi channel at all!!!!! Atlantis was a great show and I took time out of my schedule to watch it weakly. Renegotiate the actors contracts, do what you have been doing and leave some of the majors out of episodes, spread the cost around, first sg1 now this!! I used to enjoy the SciFi channel, but instead of good quality programming you have obviously chosen to ignore your most loyal fans, Sg1 and Atlantis made the Scifi channel, its what brought the viewers. I now will have no reason at all to watch in the future. The new shows are junk, and even tho you have tried to spread the talent around and come up with less costly productions like sanctuary, they don’t cut it with the same quality, dmt

  68. You can’t continue to can great shows and still expect people to watch scifi channel, there is only so much Goast Hunters and whatnot that anyone person can stand. While I am a big fan of Amanda Tappin the show Sanctuary is not good at all. I agree with Dr. Turk there isn’t any reason to even watch the network anymore. KEEP ATLANTIS GOING!!!!!!!

  69. i agree with everyone, the cast is amazing, im going to truley miss them, i belive SGA fans and writers should try to appeal to Sci-Fi as much as possible and as well as Spike, it adopted star trek, so why wouldnt it adopt SGA? i know we want to progress the seasons and series, wich is a very likley outcome. So pleese lets all do what we can to get it back, i love the actors and the characters, there’s so much going on between them, as well as other characters outside of Atlantis, the wraith, etc… Its got plenty room for expansion, its only begun to scratch the surface of the Pegasis Galaxy and its plots.

    Everyone Needs to stay tuned for the airing of the upcoming episodes to show them we mean buisness, lets make the Finale one to remember!!!!

  70. @Wraithwatcher,
    I agree, we all need to watch SGA to give it great ratings! Also, I fans are able, download episodes from Amazon or iTunes, that will also help let MGM know that fans want SGA!

  71. I don’t see why a popular series like SG Atlantis is getting shelved. The amount of money it takes to being people together as fans for a new show would be so much more. When you have a deicated fan base, why would you cut it off? I am mad because some of my favourite series such as Firefly, Coupling and now Stargate Atlantis are being shelved. And there does not seem to be logic behind it either, these are still the most talked about shows in the last decade, probably among the top 20. If this kind of haphazard maangement of TV shows and abrupt scrapping goes on, they must realize that fans will just move on to other forms of entertainment. I personally get os attached that I have withdrawal symptoms. I think it might be safer for me to simply stop watching Sci-Fi and start playing World of Warcraft, at least it will last. All I can say is sheeesh, snap out of plain numbers and take into account fan sentiments too, number can be super misleading!!!!

  72. For god sake please come up with a plan to Save SGA!!!!!!!!! :O 😥 is there any chance that they will continue with SGA? Any way I’m from Sweden 🙂

  73. Working on it xXx, on petitionspot, we’re getting to 50,000 (will take another two months, but we;re getting there). What you can do is write letters, sign the petition and buy seasons from SGA.
    Keep up the fight!!!

  74. hey guys im going to make a youutbe video just for this my name is usp345, look me up it will be up shortly!!

  75. i hate that atlantis is getting cancelled. it was such a good series and i wish they start it up again. i mean really it was at its peek viewers and it was getting great reviews. are they trying to torture us or something.i was really looking forward to the next season. that show was one reason that i got through my week. and i don’t think stargate universe will be as good. i think it will be good just not as good. i love the stargate sg1 and atlantis series. i am angry that they cancelled it i hope these comments will make them change their minds.

  76. Yea. I’m really disappointed cause there were rumors that Daniel Jackson was going to join the sixth season of Atlantis. But all possibility of that is gone since the cancellation…

  77. Bring Back SGA!!!! What have you done? Why cancel a great show? The ending of this great Sci-Fi series is too abrupt and I, as an Australian fan, was quite upset by the sudden news. This really suck!! (Sorry for the infantile outburst but I am really upset!) I don’t understand how TPTB could treat the very people who put the money in their pockets, quite harshly with the stupid and abrupt cancellation of a top fun show. Just by reading so many different forums, there are other shows that can be given the good ol’ heave-ho to create more money for SGA, if that is the reason behind the cancellation. All I can say is, give your shows’ fan base some respect. We are the ones who are giving you your bread! Tell us why you pull the plug. Ratings were on the up so that is not the reason. Stop putting your show’s fans in the dark!

    Also on the “What I don’t like what TPTB have done” thread; I hated the ending with Weir, I am sure you could have scouted some talented writers among the fan base to incorporate Weir back into SGA to create a different story arc and entice Torri back for last Season. Same deal with Carson Beckett.

    Now I can sleep a little better after my little rant… Sorry if that does not make too much sense. I am still reeling from the effects of not having anymore of SGA episodes to look forward to.

  78. what ratings would you give to SGU, based on acting, plot, writing…. ? Here’s my list :

    Plot : To me, this plot failed to launch. The story was there, people on a ship. Great. What happens now? Besides non stop teen angst, this show has little to offer to me. I have tried, time and time again, to finish watching some episodes, but to no avail. This show puts me to sleep. They should have episodes of SGU airing on airplanes to help people sleep. Due to the plots medicinal properties as a sleeping aid, it gets a 2/10.

    Characters\Acting: Honestly what’s your favorite character? Let me answer that for you right now : Rush. That’s it. If all the other characters would die or would be replaced by sock puppets, no one would notice. It’s not like they can act anyway, they are still children, and that says a lot. Shows how much this show was aimed at a younger, hipper audience. Too bad it missed, and hit straight on to the “soccer mom” group. Just because Rush is trying to carry this show on his back, this part recieves a 3/10.

    Developement/effects/camerwork: Alrighty. My favourite section. Effects? Effects are pretty nice. But you know what? It would be really cool if it didn’t feel like I was wearing 4 pairs of sunglasses while watching the show. I wish I could see the ships nice architecture. Instead, the cast have decided that they are all vampires and must keep the lights off, lest they want to get burned. The light doesn’t even matter, because the budget is too low. That’s right, when they have to start hiring camermen with chronic arthritis who can’t hold the camera straight, you know somethings wrong. (Yes I know the budget is big, I’m trying to make a point). The camera has that symbolic !!!!! BATTLE STAR GALACTICA !!!!! look. I used to watch battlestar galactica. In fact I got pretty far. But the writers were struck with the same “I’m making art right now, so even if what I’m doing doesn’t make much sense, I’m still going to do it” sort of disease that seems to have a strangle hold on the SGU writers. Just to show their “artistic side” the writers overfocus on the characters, leave the story and action out to give the characters some time to show their feelings. This would be okay, if the characters feelings would contribute something to story line, but it doesn’t. If I wanted drama like this I would watch life time. Due to instability of the cameraman, the failure to discover a light switch, and the lack of use of budget to it’s full potential, this part recieves a nice big old 0/10.

    Conclusion: Writers need to find a cure for artists fever, listen to fans, and give them what they want instead of cramming down something they believe we want down our throats. Please share why you like/hate this show, I am intrested in your opinions.

    Final score : 1.7/10

  79. Stargate Voyager’s so bad it shouldn’t even get a rating.


  80. Stargate voyager? Let me fix that for you

    Lost Desperate Gatetrek Galactica Housewives

    Thats more like it.

  81. @Desstromath: LOL ‘Lost Desperate Gatetrek Galactica Housewives’ is the perfect way to describe Universe!

    I’ve joined the fight, someone needs to also keep pestering the writers at conventions when Atlantis will be brought back, I am sure that if someone mentions something they will get HUGE amount of support not only from the fans but from the actors themselves. We don’t want just a movie, or just six seasons…we want more seasons! I have watched youtube videos where fans only ask the actors that question and the actors tell them to ask the writers, at every single convention, the writers need to be hounded (in a nice way of course, we do want our show!).

    I think the writers need advice from good ole Eric Kripke who has been by far the best writer/director/producer et al to ever listen to fans and not to mention he takes time to browse through sites like Supernatural and many others to get opinions from fans of Supernatural and he listens and show has been running on successfully for five seasons, moving onto six with also awards and nominations in their pockets.

    A good writer/director (whatever) is one who listens to the fans and from that you get a good show. It’s called a two-way-street.

  82. It takes more than a good writer to get the movie underway or, if we are that lucky to bring back the series.
    Money talks and MGM pulled the plug because they figured with SG-1 series finished no one would be relating to SGA.
    What they did not realize is the passion the fans of SGA have for that series alone.

    I know I watch it over and over again whenever I feel like a need an emotional boost.
    Funny I never had a television series affect me as SGA has.
    Maybe its was the characters, the writing…not sure but the storylines were so uncomplicated yet still exciting.

    I think the movie will be made eventually…however the series…it would take continous effort on the parts of all SGA fans to make that happen.

  83. That’s write……………we are the fans, and if we whant to see the continued of Stargate Atlantis………….than we need to do something…………..I love this serie very much and I whant to see more seasones……….directors had interrupted a series of the most interesting part………how will we know what what happened to Atlantis……..and with the Wraith too………how they return to Pegasus galaxy………..what happened with Teyla, Ronon, John and the others………………..ther is soo many questions without answers……….what will directors do?

  84. I was devastated when I heard that Stargate Atlantis was canceled. Man, for me, it was the best series! I can’t believe they had 10 seasons for SG-1 and just 5 for Atlantis? That is totally unfair man! I really love all the characters especially Lt.Col. John Sheppard, Dr. Rodney Mckay, Ronon Dex, Mr. woolsey and Dr. Keller! I miss seeing Rodney do incredible stuff. I also miss Todd. It breaks my heart knowing that i’ll just be settling down with just 5 seasons. I mean, SGA deserve more than that 5 seasons! If I was rich, I’d fund them for 20 seasons more man! I miss ronon too. Damn…Damn! Please bring atlantis back. SGU sucks hard. Where’s the Stargate spirit there? SGU is about fuckin’ survivors, they’re not about having a base at a certain planet like atlantis and SG1. C’mon guys, you are wasting your money with SGU. Bo hooooo!!! A lot of my fellow citizens here in the philippines loved Stargate atlantis, we miss it, and it’s cancellation, breaks our hearts. :(( :((


  86. hi! (I am from Slovacia that sorry for my solecismes)
    I 100% agree with you, I LOVE STARGATE ATLANTIS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i very very very very very very very very very very very very want sixth season and more seasons of stargate atlantis It is horribile that MGM finished SGA. AND WHY????????????????????? I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SGA, IT IS MY FAVOURITE SERIAL. I WANT IT BACK!

  87. You asked me my your answer quoted from my blog.. “Es gibt 3 Hauptportale vondem du Qualitativ hochwertige Videos von Hobbyhuren und ihre Amateur Pornos downloaden wirst.Du wirst begeistert sein, von der Anzahl und Auswahl an Amateur Filme die du online anschauen kannst.”

  88. En se moment en FRANCE sur NRJ 12 , passe S G A ATLANTIS ont aime sa , ils sont super , ” LA SUITE” oui, J’aime trop stargate atlantis !!!!!

    amitié Christelle

  89. I have been watching both SG1 and SGA for years now!!! They are my favourite shows ever and i’m not alone in that! I still can’t believe or understand for that matter why in the hell they would cancel such an awesome much loved show! I mean the cast and crew are amazing! The whole show has shaped my life and that may be sad to some people but i have a deep love for the show and characters, most of all Mckay and Jackson! I love everything Stargate but i’m sorry SGU was rubbish personally, they should of carried on with SGA, what i wouldn’t give for SGA to end with 10 seasons like SG1 instead of 5! Anyway at least produce the movie 😦 Hope people agree on everything i’ve said. xxx

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