Spread the word!

If you want to spread the word not just to scifi, how about telling the press? Please write to them all in one email. Ask if they can help bring back Atlantis. The following emails were collected thanks to SavetheLostCity, a site that may help you out even better than us.

Example message:


Help save Stargate Atlantis. It has been announced that the SciFi Channel & MGM have canceled one of the best shows in history, Stargate Atlantis. You have the power. Such a show only comes once in a grand moment. Please, if you can do anything. Anything at all that will help change SciFi Channel and MGM’s cancellation, please do so.

Fight for Atlantis!

glevin@usatoday.com, brian.lowry@variety.com, tcuprisin@journalsentinel.com, rwynn@nashvillecitypaper.com, c_fuchs@citypaper.net, kbeck@tennessean.com, gshister@phillynews.com, david.zurawik@baltsun.com, gpennington@post-dispatch.com, darlajatlas@yahoo.com, moryan@tribune.com, djevens@suntimes.com, jvejnoska@ajc.com, dwattenberg@washingtontimes.com, davidbianculli@comcast.net, stanley@nytimes.com, dkaplan@nypost.com, ed.stockly@latimes.com, tvtimes@latimes.com, cmccollum@mercurynews.com, tgoodman@sfchronicle.com

Remember email them all at once, and be kind,



11 Responses

  1. What do u think of this email

    I and many fans are trying to bring back atlantis.
    . we are very serious about saving the show.
    so we need a bit of extra help. if there is anything you can do.

  2. It’s good, maybe you should try to introduce them to SGA more, and spell check it on Microsoft Word.

  3. thanks

  4. sky magazine replyed to me about an Advert on Atlantis , i need help to do it.

  5. Hey!you’re gonna do an advert on Atlantis on sky magazine?!!that would be GREAT!!

  6. i havent done this, somebody said its not such a good idea. i dont know what it will come out of it.

    i want to target sky. but somebody thinks is to spread the word to other people about the cancellation.

    im suprised that the Official Magazine doesnt help.

    are you still writing to magazines.

  7. ive done an ad on facebook to get people to go to the lemon site.

    another cheap way to promoto the campaign on the bus
    or the mgm rally, i was on bus, i noticed an ad like a flyer, inside the bus, posted on the wall.

  8. you know this war this campaign hasent helped ad suggest that you’s try a new tactic when you go to protest where ever why dont you bring eggs, egg mgms windows constanley i seriously doubt the entire police force and military could stop all the brave atlantis fans laying in a seige of their own to try to bring back atlantis, it will catch mgm’s attenction if their windows are covered in egg or better yet why not paintball their windows even better they tried to silence us and our resolve will be equally as powerful we will strike back, why not organise a strike on http://www.youchoose.net plan our egg and paintball water ballon stike sure it might be criminal but we fans say what mgms doing is criminal denieing us our rights to watch decent tv not the usual crap thats on, if your interested av got an account on youchoose my names michaelsheppard.

  9. Dear syfy I want to know why you stop showing Godzilla,Motra,all monster movies on saturdays. everybody all over the world liked that on weekends because theres nothing on tv to watch on saturdays and sundays. Ibe hoping at lease one weekend out of the month I would at lease a moster movie. Is there any way you can try to set that up sometimes even if it’s once every too months. please give me some feed back on this matter.I do love syfy channel and movies Thank You .

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